I am Jasper Sprengers, a Java developer living in the Netherlands (Eindhoven region) and amateur theatre director and playwright. Kwinsie was born out of the natural nerdy need to have an exciting programming side project using cutting-edge tech (Kotlin!), as well as from a practical need to have a better grasp of the logistics of rehaarsing a play. A 90-minute play takes an average of 80-90 hours of rehearsal, typically thirty three-hour sessions. It takes careful planning to make sure every scene receives enough rehearsal time while some scenes are more difficult than others and take proportionally more time. Kwinsie lets you enter all these data (scene length and 'weight') beforehand, together with actor names and their roles(s). During the rehearsal process you get accurate statistics about the hours spent and (more importantly) the time you should reserve.

During the past year I built a rough but usable beta version. This is reasonably stable, but needs more robust automatic testing (as always..) I intend to advertise Kwinsie as a service to theatre groups in the Netherlands, initially free of charge. The code is available under a GPL3 license to invite contributions from other developers. If you want to contribute and like to work with Kotlin and Angular 5, please get in touch.


The current technology stack

I intend to upgrade to Spring 5 as soon as SpringBoot incorporates it. Likewise upgrade to Angular 5. Further down on the backlog are: